Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the body with energy for the whole day. Have you ever thought of why we call things the way we call them? How did we get certain words in our language? “Zavtrak” is Russian for breakfast and can be literally translated as “meal for tomorrow”. So, why do we call it the “meal for tomorrow” and not the “morning meal”? Is the Russian word for breakfast connected to the word tomorrow (“zavtra”)? Prehistoric people needed a lot of time to get a meal ready and they used to have a big nutritious breakfast. In order to prepare it, they had to light a fire, pre-process the carcass of the slaughtered animal, and pre-cook it in advance. So the food was prepared for TOMORROW, for the next morning, and that is why it was called zavtrak (“meal for tomorrow”).

And now let’s get back to our home-made breakfasts. We offer an extensive menu of nutritious breakfasts, with a cup of tasty coffee. You can choose from three options where you would like to have your breakfast:

1st choice  – is the dining room in “Provence” style with an interesting interior design (picture);

2nd choice – is our terraces, where you can drink your morning coffee while enjoying the sun;

3rd choice – is our birches garden, where you can enjoy the morning chill in the shadows. This is a favorite among our guests.