When choosing where to stay or simply if you have never visited Dom Aktera be sure to pay attention to this unique hotel by the seaside (Odessa). Depending on your wishes and preferences, you can stay in the “Actor’s room (“Akterskij”)” or the “Dressing room (“Kostumernuj”)”, the “Editing Room (“Montazhnuj”)” or the “Makeup room” (“Grimernuj”), the “Stuntmen room” (“Kaskaderskij”) or the “Producer’s room (“Rezhiserskij”)”. Each of these rooms of the charming hotel by the seaside has its special atmosphere, a certain piquancy.

One more unique feature of the hotel is the fact that it is situated by the seaside in two separated cottage houses. That is why if you want maximum peace or you need complete privacy, we can offer you to stay in one of our 3 VIP “Actors’ Fame” rooms with their separate sitting and dining room. All celebrities who stay with us prefer this cottage, in order not to draw attention to themselves and to be able to rest to the fullest.

This hotel by the seaside is not a museum with antique items, but through its interior made out of modern materials, it portrays the cinematographic professions from an original point of view.