Stuntmen room (Kaskaderskij)

Semi suite 25 m2
Floor 2nd
Balcony no
Overlooking the courtyard

“Stuntmen room” (“Kaskaderskij”), room of the standard category, 25 m2, floor 2nd, no balcony, overlooking the courtyard. Stuntman is the most heroic of all cinematographic professions. A stuntman takes a risk, when everyone else retreats. The decorative fireplace in this room creates that special cozy atmosphere which is needed so much in the evening after a difficult and eventful day. One becomes a stuntman if it is in their nature. Romance and adrenaline – that is what makes this most heroic cinematographic profession so attractive. The pictures of famous stunts on mirror paintings adorn the walls of this bright room. The soft beds, the sofa bed, the decorative fireplace, all introduce a special touch of comfort. What else is needed after an exciting day?


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