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Platinum room (Platinovuj)

Semi suite 44 m2
Floor 2nd
Balcony no
Overlooking the courtyard

“Platinum room” (“Platinovuj”), 44 m2, floor 2nd, no balcony, overlooking the courtyard. It is one of three rooms situated in the VIP cottage “Actors’ Fame”. The elegantly furnished room includes a spacious bedroom and a sitting room. The room is decorated in warm colors, with a harmonious combination of cream and chocolate colors that creates a cozy atmosphere. The large windows overlooking the courtyard, the large bed, the comfortable sofa and the desk provide comfort and convenience to the guests of the hotel. However, the main highlight of this room, which makes it extremely attractive, is an amazing white and silver bathroom with three huge windows overlooking the garden. In addition, there is also a first-class shower with massage function and a huge round Jacuzzi, which makes you recall the movie “9 1/2 Weeks.” Laden with candles and decorated with flowers, this bathroom can become a perfect surprise for loving couples.


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