Producer’s room (Rezhiserskij)

Semi suite 32 m2
Floor 2,5
Balcony no
Overlooking the street

“Producer’s room” (“Rezhiserskij”), room of the category superior standard, 32 m2, floor 2,5, no balcony, overlooking the street. The producer is the leading figure at the shooting location. All members of the crew listen to him/her and he/she is the one to decide what is to remain in the viewers’ memory. Elaborately furnished with light coloured furniture, this room includes a spacious bedroom, a sitting room and hallway areas. The designer lamp, casting a shadow on the walls of the room, the mirrored mosaic playing with sunshine, the decorative fireplace, the comfortable chairs, all create excellent conditions for repose. However, the most unusual thing in this room is the editing table created out from painted laminated glass and mirrors with illumination. The idea for this design comes from the editing tables which existed until the era of computer technologies began. On a similar table (in 1925!), Sergei Eisenstein was editing the film “Battleship Potemkin” which became famous worldwide.


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